Swiss Cottage Library

88 Avenue Road
London NW3 3HA


Swiss Cottage Library was opened on 10th November 1964

by HRH Queen Elizabeth II. It is a listed building and, therefore, comes under the protection of English Heritage. As it it is the central library for Camden, it has an extensive resource base.

Swiss Cottage Central Library Users Group (SCCLUG) was formed in 2002. Hard work, effort and commitment have seen the establishment and continual development of the group. The group strives for the Library to maintain one of its objectives in being accessible and all-inclusive to the diverse community in the London Borough of Camden.

One of the aims of SCCLUG is to facilitate events throughout the year. The purpose of these events is:

• To promote interest in the creative arts, reading and writing
• Encourage more members to be an effective collective voice
• Raise the profile of library services
• Increase the use of the library by all sectors of the community
• Share the opportunity to highlight a topic of current interest
• To enjoy oneself

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